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Template Manager

You can find this window by clicking Servicing > Manage Templates on the main menu.

Screenshot of the Manage Templates window.

This window allows you to edit the statement templates in your portfolio. You use statement templates to send letters, notices and other documentation and communications to your borrower.

The buttons across the top have the following effects:

  • - This will start the three step process to create a template. Once you supply the required information, the new template will be created, albeit blank until you add items to it in the designer.
  • - This will open the three step process to change the template's details.
  • - This will delete the selected template from the portfolio.
  • - This button will open the designer for the selected template so you can edit the template's layout, including changing the text or arrangement of items on the printed template.
  • - This will create a copy of the selected template. This is very helpful if you want to use an existing template as the starting point for making a new template. The template's settings and design will both be copied.
  • - Click this to include the selected template on the Servicing Menu. Some types of templates, like payoff and printed check templates for example, require the information from other records to print and cannot be added to the servicing menu. These other types of templates are printed from other parts of the program, like payoff quotes are printed from the payoff calculator.
  • - Click this to import templates from Moneylender's defaults or another portfolio or template file into this portfolio.
  • - Click this to export the selected templates to another portfolio or a template file (template files have the .mlp3template extension). If you choose an existing file, the templates will not replace the ones in the destination file, instead the destination file will contain all templates that are exported to it.
  • - For templates that are visible on the Servicing menu, this will move them closer to the top of the menu.
  • - This will move templates lower down on the Servicing menu.
  • - This will, after asking if you're sure, delete all the templates in the portfolio and then import the default templates. It's helpful if you've made a mess of your templates and need to reset to the originals.

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