Moneylender 3 Professional - Loan Servicing Software

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Template Name, Purpose, and Paper Size

Screenshot of the Template Name, Purpose and Paper Size window.

You can find this window from Servicing > Manage Templates and clicking the New (plus) button, or selecting a template and clicking the Edit (pencil) button.

Template Name – enter a name for the template. The name will appear on the Servicing menu if applicable, as well as in the drop-down of templates to choose from on the Print Template window and the Edit Report window.

Description – enter further details about the template to help distinguish between similar templates, if desired.

Purpose – the purpose of the template determines which tags are available when printing the template, and also where in Moneylender the template will be used.

Paper Size – This value will be pre-populated into the printer settings when creating the print job for the template.

Custom Page Size – select Custom for the Paper Size and enter the width and height in inches or millimeters.

Default Paper Orientation when Printing – choose if the printer should be set to Portrait or Landscape when printing.

Click Next to set the template size.

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