Manage Disbursements - Escrow Account

Manage Escrow Disbursements window showing the disbursements from the escrow account over time.

Get here by clicking the Escrow Account button on the Settings tab of the main window and clicking the Manage Disbursements button.

From this window you can pay funds out of the escrow account. Click the (+) button to record a new disbursal from the escrow account. Select a disbursal from the list to edit or delete it. You can also print a "Printed Check" template for any disbursal by clicking the printer button.

If a disbursal is marked as recurring annually (like property taxes and insurance), when you change the status of a disbursal from estimated or confirmed to disbursed, a copy of the disbursement is created for the same day of the following year automatically and set as an estimated amount.

If you are refunding an escrow overage to the borrower, do that here by creating a disbursement to the borrower.

To print a disbursement, select it and click the print button.