Inventory List

Moneylender's inventory list window where you can manage the assets currently available for sale.

Find this window from the main menu - Other Records > Inventory

Most of the windows is comprised of the list of assets. The list shows the details of each asset. Select an item to sell, edit or delete it.

Loan Wizard dropdown and Sell button – To sell one of your assets, select it in the inventory list, choose the wizard for the type of loan you want to create, and click the Sell button. This will open a window where you can enter the total price you will receive for the asset as well as the down payment the borrower will pay. Click Create Loan to open the chosen loan wizard with the financing amount pre-filled. Once the wizard is completed, Moneylender will copy the asset’s description to the loan’s collateral as well as setting the cost basis for the primary lender.

purchase with down payment

Use the Add Edit , and Delete buttons to create and manage the items in your inventory.

See also: Inventory Overview, Inventory Item