Borrower Name

Screenshot of form to enter borrower name, business name, ssn, date of birth, etc.

The Borrower Wizard is how you create and edit borrower records. It allows you to enter and edit their contact and identifying information.

On the first page of the borrower wizard, you can enter their personal and/or business name and some other details that are commonly recorded.

The Notes field is a box where you can enter anything you like that's relevant to the borrower. These same Notes are also shown and editable on the next page, the Contact Info.

Metro2 Credit Reporters: It is strongly recommended that all loans include the Social Security Number (SSN) of the primary borrower if available. The Date of Birth is also an important field used in credit submission. If possible, ensure these fields are properly filled in and accurate. If you entered the borrower's social security number, be sure SSN is selected, the SSN/ID will not be included in the credit report if Other ID is chosen. SSN is not required for credit submission, but it is one of the main mechanisms the credit bureaus use to match borrowers across reports from multiple lenders.