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Edit Adjustment Dialog

Screenshot of the window for creatng and editing adjustments to the various balances of a loan's accounts.

From this window you can create and edit any manual adjustments you need to make to any of the balances on the loan. Each balance serves a unique purpose to the loan calculation engine, and adjustments are how you can tell the engine to modify certain numbers at various points in the life of the loan.

You can get here by clicking the New (plus) button on the Adjustment section of the Loan Details panel to the right of the main list of loans, or by selecting an existing adjustment from the list in that section and clicking the Edit (pencil) button.

Adjustments are applied after all the normal automation to a loan’s balances and prior to payments being applied for the day.

You can use the Ledger Transactions report that comes with Moneylender to see all the transactions on each of the accounts on a loan, and to see the balances of each account on various days over the life of the loan.

Account – choose the account whose balance you want to adjust.

Amount – enter a positive number to increase the balance of the account you’re adjusting. Enter a negative number to decrease it’s balance.

Date – enter the date when the adjustment should be performed on the loan.

Description – (optional) enter the reason for the adjustment, such as “Waived Late Fee”, or “Loan Reinstatement”.

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