Manage Custom Loan Templates

Window add, change, and delete custom loan templates.

Get here from Loan > New Loan > Manage Custom Loan Types.

Define different loan products using custom loan templates. A loan template will populate the loan wizard with a different set of default values pre-filled for different loan structures that you commonly originate. Especially helpful if you commonly originate a variety of “Loan Products”.

The main list shows the current loan templates in the portfolio.

New (+) Button – add a loan template definition.

Edit (pencil) Button – edit the currently selected template.

Delete (X) Button – remove the selected template from the portfolio.

Menu (three lines) Button – Show or hide the selected template from the main menu. If a loan type is not available, you might choose to hide it from the menu instead of deleting it

These templates will appear on the Loan > New Loan menu. Clicking that item from the menu will start the Loan Wizard with the values from the custom template prefilled in the boxes.

New loan menu showing a custom loan template.