Borrower's Contact Info

Screenshot of form to enter borrower contact info like phone numbers and email addresses.

You can enter the borrower's phone and email information here. There are four slots for phone numbers. If you have phone numbers that don't quite fit the labels provided, you might want to make a key for the phone info in the Notes field.

Moneylender 3 can email statements directly to borrowers that have valid email addresses. Anti-spam laws require that bulk mail senders must allow email recipients to unsubscribe from recurring emails. This rule may or may not apply to you, but Moneylender allows you track whether a borrower wants email statements or not using the checkbox on this page. You can still email statements to borrowers if the box is not checked.

For example, let's say a borrower prefers to have their statements mailed to them. So you leave this box unchecked. When the borrower calls for a payoff quote, and they want it emailed, you can choose the option to email the payoff quote, regardless of whether this box is checked. The rest of the time, when you're printing statements and late fee notices, you can decide whether to email or print for their loan based on whether this box is checked or not.

You always have the choice when sending statements to do email, email only if this box is checked, or print.