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Moneylender can keep one or more spare copies of your portfolios in a backup folder. It is strongly recommended that you enable auto-backup, to protect against data loss from accidents and hardware crashes.

When auto-backup is enabled, Moneylender will create a backup of your portfolio about a minute after the portfolio is opened, to make sure you get a recent backup even if you only open the program for a few minutes to enter a payment or print a statement. Then, it will create subsequent backups at the interval you chose (the "Save a backup every…" setting).

Moneylender keeps track of whether or not records were edited between backups. If there are no edits to the data between scheduled backups, Moneylender will skip the backup. So, if the program sits open but not in use, it will not create multiple identical backups.

Moneylender will add the date and time of the backup to the file name for easy reference.

You can set the number of backups Moneylender will keep. Once the specified number of backups are created, the oldest backup is removed when a new backup is created. If you have more than one portfolio, each portfolio will have the specified number of backups.