Borrower's Employer

Screenshot of form to enter the borrower's employer information, job title, and mailing address.

You may need to collect and maintain the employment information for your borrowers. If you're preparing to set up the loan, but haven't funded it yet, this information will probably be an important part of determining the creditworthiness of your borrower. If you are an agency that is allowed to garnish wages, you can use these fields on a statement template for creating letters directly to the borrower's employer.

Enter as much or as little as you like. These fields are not required for Moneylender to calculate the loan properly.

Metro2 Credit Reporters: if you are reporting to credit bureaus, if you enter any information for the employer, you must select the correct state and country codes from the drop-down boxes. If you are not submitting to credit bureaus, the codes are not required.