Moneylender YouTube Channel

On our YouTube channel we post videos with tutorials, tips, and walkthroughs. Check out the videos and discover how easy it is to do lots of common tasks, and even how to do things you didn’t know Moneylender can do.

Featured Videos from Our Channel

Quick Start Guide

Get familiar with the most common parts of the system. Set up your first loans, send statements and run reports.

IRS Form 1098

Every year, mortgage lenders send out 1098 forms. With Moneylender, you can send the forms to borrowers and file with the IRS electronically in about 5 minutes.

Multiple Users on the Same Portfolio

Want the whole team to access the loan data together? This video shows how to connect several computers to work on the loans together.

How Escrow Works and How to Track it in Moneylender

This walkthrough explains how to manage an escrow account on a loan in compliance with US laws.


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