system requirements - minimum hardware specs

Minimum System Requirements

Moneylender is a pretty lightweight program, but as the number of loans increases, the amount of memory Moneylender uses will increase.

Windows Operating System Required

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2, 2016, 2019
(if on Mac, you can use Parallels to emulate Windows and run Moneylender)

Up to 100 loans
1GHz Processor
4GB RAM (Moneylender will use about 500MB of RAM at 100 loans)

2GHz Processor
SSD Hard Disk

Up to 10,000 loans
2.5GHz Processor
8GB RAM (Moneylender might use around 2.5GB of RAM with 10,000 loans)

3GHz Processor
SSD Hard Disk

Scale accordingly for more loans.

Report generation times will naturally increase as the loan counts get into the thousands and tens of thousands, because Moneylender is having to sift through multiple millions or hundreds of millions of individual transactions when compiling numbers for reports. Balance calculations, record updates, and statement printing should still be quite responsive, even with very large numbers of loans.

With 100 loans on a fast computer, a financial activity report might take less than a second to load. But with 10,000 loans it might take five minutes to compile. Happily, you can keep working with negligible effect on usability while the report is being compiled. When the report begins to load its 10,000 rows into the report viewer, it might lock the application for a good 30 seconds as it performs the screen layout on the individual visual components of the report preview.

Having an SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drive instead of a spinning disk will make a noticeable improvement on performance, especially when the program is closed unexpectedly – like a power outage or an uppity Windows update. Moneylender will need to rebuild the portfolio's index. This process can be much faster on an SSD.

Running out of Hard Drive space or available RAM will bring Moneylender, along with everything else on your computer, to a grinding halt, so always make sure your primary hard drive has a handful of free space (5 or 10GB at least), and that you have a GB or two of unused RAM when you computer is running your normal programs. Reaching the limit of RAM or Disk Space will kill your system performance, including Moneylender.

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