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Try a Demo

You can run Moneylender before you buy it to see how it works and set up some of your loans. Moneylender will run as a demo automatically until you buy it.

Download Moneylender

If I put in my real loans, will I have to re-enter everything when I buy Moneylender?

Nope! When you activate a license, Moneylender lifts the limitations imposed by the demo. All your data is still there.

Can I play with settings, and start fresh when I’m ready to put in real information?

Sure! Moneylender uses portfolio files to store your data. One portfolio can contain an unlimited number of loans and lenders and payments. (Practically speaking, you might see some long delays when running reports when you have 10,000 loans in a single portfolio file. Most Moneylender users have between 1 and 5000 loans in a single portfolio file, and the program performs responsively for those volumes.) You can have as many portfolio files as you want. This means you can create a portfolio file just for testing out the software, and make a new portfolio for your real loans.

Limits on the Demo

No more than three payments on a loan.

Moneylender will allow you to create as many payments as you want, but only the first three are visible and used for calculations and reports. Once you activate a license on your computer, all payments on a loan will be visible.

Three letters for most borrower and lender fields.

You can enter the full names and addresses of your borrowers and lenders, but you’ll only see the first three letters around the program when running the demo. Once activated, you’ll see the full information again. Be careful not to edit a borrower in demo mode, as it’ll pre-populate the borrower wizard with the three-character values and if you click save, it’ll overwrite the borrower’s details with the limited equivalent.

Everything else is fully functional.

There are no other limitations on the demo, so you can attach files, create notes, customize templates and reports, print and email (practice) statements, set up the options on the main window, add custom fields to your records, etc.

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