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Moneylender API - Access Your Loan Records Programmatically

Want to be able to show your borrowers a list of their recent payments and loan balance on your website? Want to let them request a payoff quote through your mobile app? Want to automatically create borrower and loan applications in Moneylender based on the information they submitted through your online form? You can totally do that with Moneylender's API.

The API listens for HTTPS connections from your website or other software and allows you to read, modify, create, and delete the data within your portfolio. You can also trigger Moneylender to send statements through the API, as well as generate payoff quotes and upload and download attached files.

There's no limit to how much integration you can have between Moneylender and your business processes. More information on how to set up the API (even in Demo mode).

Check out the API's internal documentation here: This is exactly what you'll see if you set up the API for yourself, but you'll be able to log into your instance of the API and manipulate your portfolio.

If sophisticated real-time interaction through the API is more than you'll need, you can export your entire portfolio's data to a set of CSV files which you can then use however you like in your business practices (click File > Export Portfolio Data).

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