Transfer Moneylender License

Move Your License Between Devices & Computers

When you activate your license, Moneylender will check out the license onto your computer. If you need to move your license, you can deactivate it from the Whitman Tech store so it is free to activate again.

To deactivate your license so it’s available for activation:

  • 1. Login to your account at the Whitman Tech store.
  • 2. Click "Manage Activations" on the right, under the Moneylender download button.
  • 3. Click "Deactivate" next to the computer that no longer needs Moneylender.
  • 4. Open Moneylender on the new computer and enter your store login to activate.
  • On a deactivated computer, Moneylender will go back to running as a demo until you activate it again.

Examples When It’s Allowed & Not Allowed To Move Your License

  • You want to use Moneylender from a laptop on the road, you can move your license over to the laptop, and then put it back on your main computer when you return from your trip.
  • Your computer gets messed up and you need to reinstall Windows and all your programs. It’s totally ok to activate your license again.
  • You get a new computer and want to move Moneylender onto it (and you’re not going to be using Moneylender on your old computer anymore). Also totally normal, reactivate your license as needed.
  • If you have several people using Moneylender from their computers, and you have them deactivating each other to make Moneylender active for themselves, this is not allowed. You need to buy a separate license for each user/computer.
  • If you have five people logging into a single computer to use Moneylender simultaneously, you need to buy five licenses, even though only one license will be activated. That’s the per-user part of the user/computer licensing requirements.

More Questions Regarding Your License?


Demo It Or Purchase

$0.00 demo


  • Run Moneylender to See It Work
  • Will Run in Demo Mode until Purchased
  • Try It on Your Loans
$489.00 per license


  • One Time Charge Per License
  • Minor and Revision Updates Included
  • Can Move License to New Device

Move Your Moneylender License Simply & Easily