In House & Retail Loan Software

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In-House & Retail Financing Loan Software

Many businesses that sell big ticket items use Moneylender to track their in-house financing. Whether you sell furniture, cars, aircraft, musical instruments, heavy equipment, land, buildings, jewelry - just about everything under the sun – Moneylender in house and retail financing loan software is a powerful, easy-to-use system that makes it painless to manage all those payment plans.

Handle any type of payment arrangements, for example:

  • Normal amortized repayments in this loan software
  • Interest or no interest
  • No payments for X # of days
  • Interest-only payments with a balloon
  • No interest for a year

Whatever payment structure you want to offer, Moneylender can handle it. The flexible system allows for interest and payments of varying amounts at varying times on varying schedules.

moneylender loan software dashboard

Understandable UI/UX

The main window of this in-house financing loan software is your main dashboard view. See all of the data that matters to you for every loan.

moneylender is easy to use

Real Easy To Use

It is so simple to create and make modifications to all of your in-house loans. You can record payments, send notices, draft documents, and get reports with all types of data.

#1 in house loan software

20+ Years

That is right! Moneylender has been used by many for over 20+ years now! It is a favorite for servicing retail and in-house loans to do what you need to do fast and easy.

The Perfect Loan Software For In House & Retail Financing

Use custom fields to track extra details, like information about the goods sold. Attach files to the loans to keep your records in one place. Record notes and set reminders as you work with your borrower on repayment.

Easily see who is paying on time and who is getting behind. Record payments, send statements, notices, and payoff quotes easily. Customizable reports give full accountability for in-house financing and retail financing activities.

Offer online access and direct-debit payments using our AutoPay service with Moneylender loan servicing software. AutoPay payments appear in your portfolio automatically, and the balance and payment due details are accessible to your customers, too.


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