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Sponsor a Feature

How can I get something added to Moneylender?

It is extremely affordable to have additions put into Moneylender. If you need Moneylender to do something really important to your business process, and it’s something that other’s might also like to have, you can pay a nominal cost to have features added into Moneylender.

After we discuss the details of how you intend to use Moneylender, and what will need to change in the software to make that use-case entirely painless.

The cost of your new features will be provided beforehand based on the estimated hours for development. This cost is the final price, regardless of the actual time it takes to develop your new features. We will provide you with a list of the changes to the software to be made. You can review these before agreeing to sponsor the feature.

For smaller jobs that will take a few days or less to complete, the full payment will be made before work begins. For larger jobs that will take more than a week, we will require a deposit of around 1/3rd of the total cost to begin work and the balance to be paid upon completion. The original sponsorship of Moneylender Express to Moneylender Professional required a significant rewrite to most of the (very simple, at the time) program and took about a month to complete. Since then, even the largest paid additions have taken just a couple weeks to complete. On larger jobs that might span a week or two, we will keep you updated regularly with the progress on your new feature.

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