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Moneylender Features

Almost everything in Moneylender is configurable. If you see a feature listed, it is usually an option to choose, or something you can turn on or off on a per-loan or per-portfolio basis. If you don’t use something in the list, don’t worry. It’s just one of the many things that Moneylender could do if you wanted it.

Feature Support
Max Loans Supported Unlimited
Max Lenders Supported Unlimited
Max Borrowers Supported Unlimited
Max Payments Unlimited
Strong Data Encryption
Amortized Loans
Seller Financing
Interest Only Loans
Construction Loans
Lines of Credit
Cash / Payday Loans
Informal / Friendly Loans
Balloon Loans
Full Escrow Support
Multiple Users Working in the Same Portfolio (Network Connectivity)
Connect Programmatically Through the API
Late Fees - Fixed
Late Fees - Fixed
Late Fees - Percent of Payment
Late Fees - Incremental
Late Fees - Daily
Late Fees - Daily (no weekends)
Manage Underpayment
Handle Overpayment
Allow Overpayment Carry Forward
Principal Pay-Down
Interest Only Payment
Prepaid Interest and Fees
Escrow Deposits
Multiple Disbursements per Loan
Simple Interest (principal earns interest)
Compound Interest (outstanding principal, interest and fees earn interest)
Interest - Annual Rate
Interest - Fixed Amount
Interest - Percent of Original Loan
Interest - Percent of Outstanding Principal
Daily Interest
(1/365, 1/360, 1/366, 1/365.25, 1/336)
optimized and standard daily modes supported
Change Interest Rate Mid-Loan
Change Interest Schedule Mid-Loan
Fixed Regular Payment Amount
Interest Due Regular Payment
Interest plus Fixed Amount Regular Payment
Minimum Regular Payment
Change Regular Payment Mid-Loan
Change Payment Schedule or Due Date Mid-Loan
Credit Limit
Available Credit
Metro2 Reports (for submitting to Credit Bureaus)
Enter any Account Number
Highly Configurable Automatic Account Numbering
Add Notes to Loan
Schedule Reminders on Loans
Attach Files to Loans
Track Loan-Related Expenses
Create Loan Applications
Approve/Deny Applications
Automatic File Backups
Print Statements
Email Statements
Modify Statements
Create and Customize Regular Statements
Create and Customize Letters and Notices
Create and Customize Payment Voucher Booklets
Create and Customize Payoff Quotes
Create and Customize Loan Contracts
Create and Customize Truth in Lending Disclosures
APR Calculation using the Actuarial Method (identical results to WinAPR)
Create and Customize Printable Checks
Create and Customize Escrow Analysis Letters
Create and Customize Report Headers
Add Logos/Images to Statements
Customize the Per-Loan Information Displayed in the Main Window
Import Borrowers from Excel
Import Payments from Excel
Import Loans from Excel
Auto-Generate Payment History on a Loan
Auto-Add Payments to Multiple Loans
Auto-Extend Loans beyond Maturity
Wraparound Loans - Match Principal Pay-Down
Wraparound Loans - Forward All Principal
Wraparound Loans - Match Due Date
Nested Wraparound Loans
Add Custom Fields to Loans, Lenders and Borrowers
Rule of 78s
Daily Interest with Nautral Days
Daily Interest with Forced 30 Day Months
Multiple Principal Disbursals
Manually Adjust Any Balance at Any Time
Retroactively Edit Loan Information at Any Time- no need to roll back and re-create, ever.
One-Time Fees
Recurring Fees
Fees Due at Payoff
Schedule of Fees for Quick Reference and Application
Waive Late Fees
Defer Skipped Payments
Multiple Borrowers per Loan (unlimited borrowers on a loan, up to four can be listed separately on Statements)
Commercial and Individual Borrowers
Unlimited Lender Investors Per-Loan
Non-Owner Servcing Lender
Partial Ownership
Discount Earned
Discount Remaining
Automatically Waiving Late Fees If at Least a Regular Payment Is Paid
Automatically Waive Late Fees If Unpaid Amount is Small
Automatically Waive Late Fee If Unpaid Amount Is below a Specific Number
Auto-Attach Copies of Statements and Notices to Loans When Printed
Configurable Default Settings for New Loans
Choose Preferred New Loan Type
Prefer Commercial Borrowers or Individual Borrwers in Portfolio
Change Currency Decimal Places
Change Currency Symbol
Multi-Character Currencies Supported
Change Interest Rate Decimal Places
Loan Nearing Maturity Notice
Adjustable Amount Due Look-Ahead Period
Payoff Calculator
Payoff Quotes
Refinance Calculator
Approve/Deny Applications
Revert Loan to Application
Close Loans with Automatic Balancing
Principal Charge-Off
Re-Open Closed Loans
Fully Customizable Reports
Export Report to Excel Compatible Formt (CSV)
Print Reports
Copy/Paste Data From Report Preview to Spreadsheet
Single Loan-Account Transaction Level Reports
Single Loan Payment Reports
Multi-Loan Financial Reports
Multi-Loan Payment Reports
Multi-Loan Single-Investor Reports
Amortization Schedules
All Loan, Lender and Borrower Details in Moneylender Can be Added to Reports
Multiple Variable Rate Indexes
Archive Closed Loans to an Archive Portfolio
Auto-Close Multiple Loans
Report Filters
Supports US and Metric Paper Sizes
Password Protect a Portfolio
Set Permissions for Different Portfolio Users
Escrow Balance Tracking
Escrow Analysis (RESPA Compliant)
Adjust Per-Payment Escrow Amount
Escrow Payment Due Notice
AutoPay ACH Payment Service Integration

This list touches on most of the commonly used capabilities of Moneylender. It is an extremely flexible and configurable calculation engine wrapped with a comprehensive array of servicing functions to give you accurate accounting and easy loan management. It is easy to get started, intuitive to use, and has embedded links to the User’s Guide throughout the application to make it easy to access help when you need specifics about how something works.

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