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Lending Businesses and Businesses with Financing Activities

Software is powerful!

Moneylender has a calculation engine that can manage the balances on loans regardless of what happens in the real world. Once you set the rules Moneylender will use to calculate the loan, whatever happens with the borrower and their payments, Moneylender will apply the payments according to the rules properly. The calculation engine is fully auditable and defensible. All calculations are engineered to calculate the reality of repayment and the resulting balance in a way that is always fair to the borrower and reflects the spirit of the contract properly.

Software is flexible!

You can modify every notice, statement, quotation that comes with Moneylender. You can even create your own communications from scratch using the powerful template editor. From generating your custom loan contracts to your paid-in-full letters, Moneylender can produce any kind of document you might need for your loans. Once you create the template, Moneylender can create the document for any of your loans whenever you want.

All of the reports that Moneylender comes with can be customized. Add and remove columns. Virtually all amounts (earned and paid) for any date range can be added as columns on a report. Different report engines let you see different kinds of information – from the interest calculations to the payment history on a single loan, all the way through to portfolio-wide profit and balance analysis and payment reconciliation. All reports can be exported to CSV, and you can even copy/paste report data from the report viewer into a spreadsheet.

Software is affordable!

Compared to the other systems out there for managing loans, Moneylender is extremely affordable. It runs on your computer, which means there’s no subscription to pay, no recurring fees. Buy a license and you own the license. Upgrade access can be purchased at any time to upgrade your license to the latest version of Moneylender if there are new features and enhancements that you want to use.

Try the demo, you’re going to like what you see!

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