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Download Moneylender Professional 2.0.1. This is the last release version of Moneylender 2.
MLP 2.0 Latest Version - - 2019-01-03 Changelog
Moneylender 2 User's Guide

If you are still running Moneylender 2 on Windows XP, you need version 2.0.0


First install the .NET Framework:

Then install Moneylender 2.0.0:

Some users might need this to enable Excel importing*:

*Office Data Connectivity Driver is only used if you don't have MS Office installed on your computer and need to import payments from an Excel file. If you get an error when importing payments, installing the Data Connectivity Driver may resolve the issue.

Moneylender Professional version 2.0.1 uses the same license as MLP 2.0. No upgrade or new purchase is required if you already bought Moneylender 2. Just activate using the same email you used when you bought the program.

Users of Moneylender Professional 2.0 Please Note: support for pictures (lender logos, borrower photos, and images on templates) was removed in version 2.0.1. If you use the images and do not need to upgrade, you may continue to use MLP 2.0. Image support will return in MLP 3.0.

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