Moneylender Professional - Loan Servicing Software


Loans are the backbone of information in Moneylender Professional. Most of the information stored in a portfolio file is connected directly to a loan.

Borrowers and Lenders can be connected to multiple loans or to no loan at all. Payment records, Interest Rate records, Regular Payment records, and Third Party Fee/Other Fee records are tied directly to specific loan records. If a loan is deleted, the associated records are also deleted. However, the borrowers, lenders, and third parties are not deleted.

For more information about the function and structure of each record type, visit the following help topics:
The Loan Record
The Payment Record
The Interest Rate Record
The Regular Payment Record
The Third Party Fee / Other Fee Record

Loans are displayed in the list of loans in the main window. Clicking a loan to select it enables many options in the program. If no loan is selected in the list of loans, most of the menu options are disabled under the Loan menu and the Reports menu.

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