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The Regular Payment Record

Regular Payment Change Regular Payment records allow you to change the regular payment of a loan during the course of loan servicing. The initial regular payment amount set on a loan is contained in the loan record itself and entered through the Loan Wizard.

Any time between the First Payment Date and the Maturation Date of a loan, you can adjust the regular payment amount (except with pre-computed Interest Up Front loans).

To create a new regular payment record, select a loan from the loan record. Then:
  • Click Regular Payment > Change Regular Payment from the Loan menu OR
  • Right-click your loan and click Change Regular Payment from the pop-up menu.
Enter the new amount of the payment and the date when this amount goes into effect.

Manage Regular Payment To view, edit, or delete the regular payment records associated with a specific loan:
  1. Select a loan by clicking it in the list of loans.
  2. Click Regular Payment > Manage Regular Payments from the Loan menu. This opens the Manage Regular Payment dialog.
  3. Select a record from the list to edit or delete.

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