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The Interest Rate Record

If the interest rate on your loan changes, record this change by creating an Interest Rate (or simply Rate) record.

Set Interest Rate Dialog To record a change in the interest rate, select the loan in the list of loans. Then either:
  • Click Rates > Change Rate from the Loan menu
  • Click the New Rate (New Rate) button on the toolbar, OR
  • Right-click the loan and select Change Interest Rate from the pop-up menu.
Enter the interest rate as a percentage, such as 14.999, not a decimal multiple, such as .14999.

Select the date when the new interest rate applies to the loan.

To view, edit, or delete the rate records that apply to a specific loan, click Rates > Manage Rates from the Loan menu. This opens the Manage Rates dialog, displaying the interest rate changes made to the loan. To edit or delete a rate record, select it in the list and then click the corresponding button.

Manage Rates dialog

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