Moneylender Professional - Loan Servicing Software

Main Menu Overview

Moneylender's Main Menu The main menu, found at the top of Moneylender's window and outlined in red to the right, provides you with all the tools you need to service your loans and maintain your records.

The File menu lets you create, open, and change portfolios, connect to networked portfolios, manage Moneylender's application based settings, and exit the program.

The Portfolio menu provides access to portfolio-based settings, network users and publishing, template management, and Metro2 reporting.

The Loan menu has every option that relates to a specific loan. Most of these options are disabled unless a loan is selected in the list of loans. From the loan menu, create new loans, add and manage payments that apply to a loan, add and manage third party fees, change and manage the interest rate and regular payment on a loan, change the borrowers and lenders associated with a loan, and close or delete a loan.

The Servicing menu appears in the main menu when a loan is selected from the list of loans in the main window. The Servicing menu allows you to create, manage, and print Quick Notes. You can also print statements, vouchers, and notices for loans in the current portfolio.

The Other Records menu allows you to create and manage borrowers, lenders, and third party records.

The Tools menu currently does nothing. In future releases, this menu will have special features like a simple payment calculator for easily finding information about potential or existing loans.

The Reports menu provides access to loan-specific reports only when a loan is selected in the list of loans. You can also go to portfolio-wide reports.

The Help menu takes to you Moneylender's User Guide and Quickstart Tutorials. About Moneylender displays which version of Moneylender you are currently using. There is also a link to the website for TrailsWeb, which developed and now supports Moneylender.

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