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File Menu

File Menu Available from the Main Menu, the File menu allows you to create, open, and change portfolios, connect to networked portfolios, manage Moneylender's application-based settings, and exit the program.

New Portfolio - Allows you to select a folder and file name for a new portfolio file. When creating a new portfolio, Moneylender adds the default templates and opens the Portfolio Settings dialog.

Open Portfolio - Opens a dialog to browse for portfolio (*.mlp) files on your computer.

Connect to Network Portfolio - Allows you to enter the IP address, port, and login credentials for a network-accessible portfolio. The IP and port are readily available from the system tray icon in the taskbar of the host computer.

Connect to Network Portfolio

Backup Portfolio - If you are running a local file portfolio, you can use this command to save a copy of the portfolio to another file on your computer.

Auto-Backup Portfolio - Access this with the Moneylender Settings dialog on the File menu. Designate a folder to save a backup copy of a portfolio using a set schedule. For greatest security, the auto-backup folder should be on a separate drive. To enable backup:
  • Check the "Enable Backup" box.
  • Select an auto-backup schedule from five mintues to six hours.
  • Indicate the number of copies to save.
  • Choose a backup location.

Note that if you disengage your auto-backup folder (for instance, removing a thumb drive), Moneylender automatically disables auto-backup the next time it tries to carry out the function.


Close Portfolio - Closes any open file or network portfolio, disconnecting any currently connected users.

Change Password - Enter a password needed to open a file portfolio. If the password is not entered exactly, the portfolio is completely indecipherable.

Change Password

Import > Import MLP v1.0 Portfolio - Lets you browse to an MLP1 portfolio file. Once selected, MLP2 opens this file and import all your MLP1 data into your new MLP2 portfolio.
Import > Payments From Excel - Lets you import payment information from Excel.
Import >Borrowers From Excel - Lets you import borrower information from Excel.

Export Payments> - Lets you export payment information into a CSV file such as Excel.

Moneylender Settings - Opens the Moneylender Settings dialog, allowing control over program-related functions, such as auto-backups and automatic updates from the internet.

Moneylender Settings

Exit - Closes the current portfolio and exits the program.

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