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Portfolio Settings

With a portfolio open, click Portfolio Settings from the Portfolio Menu to open the Portfolio Settings dialog. It also opens automatically when you create a new portfolio file.

Portfolio Settings - General The General tab allows you to turn the extra dialogs on and off to manage Metro2 data in the Loan, Lender, and Borrower Wizards. If you do not use Moneylender's Metro2 reporting feature, turning Metro2 off makes creating loans, lenders, and borrowers faster and easier.

If you do use Metro2 reporting, you may also wish to turn on the secondary borrower reporting if many of your loans have more than one borrower associated with them.

Portfolio Settings - Network The Network tab of the Portfolio Settings dialog is where you adjust the port number the portfolio is published to, enable anonymous access, set the anonymous permission level, and enable or disable automatic network publishing when the portfolio opens.

Portfolio Settings - Numbers The Numbers tab lets you adjust the number of decimal places for currency and interest rate amounts. Currency precision also affects rounding when calculating interest.

It's easy to change the currency symbol on your portfolio. Choose from the Currency Symbol drop-down. If your currency is not available, select Custom and adjust the Character Code to display the correct symbol. Character code is the Unicode number for your currency.

If you choose a currency symbol that does not display in Verdana (the font used in all of Moneylender's dialogs), you'll see an empty rectangle wherever the program would display your symbol. You can change the font in the text boxes in your templates to a font that does support your symbol. This way, your customers will see the correct symbol, even though it does not appear in Moneylender. When previewing a template during printing, your currency character should appear correctly on the pages.

The Daily and Weekly Interest Modifier drop-down allows you to choose 1/336, 1/360, 1/365, or 1/366 interest computations. This number is only used for daily and weekly interest computations. Other computations, such as monthly, are not affected by this setting.

Portfolio Settings - Custom Fields The Custom Fields tab allows you to change the label that appears next to custom fields in wizards and other dialogs. Use this to clarify the type of information you want in each field. Custom values can be embedded in templates, allowing you to adapt the software to match the specific nature of your loans.

Portfolio Settings -Extended Fields The Extended Fields tab lets you add more fields to the Custom Information dialog of the Loan Wizard. Enter additional information to meet your needs.

Portfolio Settings - Loan Control Report The Control Report tab lets you set parameters for the Loan Control Report. This report performs specific analyses, such as payoff tallies, charge offs, settlement payments and settlement credits

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