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Loan Control Report

The Loan Control Report is powerful. It tallies all new loans created, additional charges added to loans to increase the balance on each account, and credits applied to loans to decrease the balances. The sum at the bottom shows the amount of money currently owed for all accounts in a portfolio.

One thing that makes this report so useful is the dynamic interaction with the custom fields on several record types in Moneylender. Specific lines on the Control Report have data that is intentionally separated from similar records to help identify how your money is accumulating and being repaid. Payoff tallies, charge offs, settlement payments and settlement credits are just a few examples of the special analysis the Control Report does.

Access the Loan Control Report through the Portfolio > Portfolio Settings dialog from the Main Menu. Setting up the Control Report changes some of Moneylender's default behaviors. It also means you'll have to use the custom fields in a specific way to have the report break down the funds properly.

The report's final balance is always accurate. However, separating settlements and refinances from regular payments, for example, requires the custom fields to have specific values. Because they are both credits, if a settlement payment appears as a regular payment, it is not problematic. However, you will not get the full picture the Loan Control Report is capable of showing you.

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