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Itemizing and Grouping Fees on the Loan Control Report

The Loan Control Report has two layers of grouping when it comes to Third Party Fees:

Moneylender first separates all fees by FeeGroup into individual collections of fees. Then MLP groups fees by the values in their Itemization field.

For example, you might have two major groups of fees, “Administration Fees” and “Penalty Fees”. Administration fees could include “Statement Fee”, “Payoff Quotation Fee”, etc. Penalty fees might include “Repossession Authorization”, “Storage Fees”, “Reinstatement Fees”, etc.

Here is a screenshot of how you could enter a Reinstatement Penalty fee, followed by a screenshot of an Administrative Payoff Quote fee. Click on a loan, then access Additional Fees through the Loan > Other Charges > Manage Fees dialog from the Main Menu. Click on the New button.

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