Moneylender Professional - Loan Servicing Software

Network Permission

Changing the portfolio settings, managing network users, creating Metro2 reports and managing templates are not allowed across the network, regardless of login permission. This is for security reasons. In addition, some objects, especially templates, are much larger than loan and payment records. For example, using the template designer in a network environment would be a very bandwidth-intensive operation.

Moneylender regulates access to the data in your portfolio using three permission levels: Read-Only Normal, Normal, and Advanced. At each level, users are allowed to take certain actions, as shown in the following table:

  Normal     Advanced  
  View Loans  yes yes yes
  Edit Loans  no yes yes
  Initiate Loan Recalculation  no yes yes
  Change Reg. Payments or Interest Rates  no yes yes
  View Payments  no yes yes
  Add Payments  no yes yes
  Change/Delete Payments  no yes yes
  View Borrowers  yes yes yes
  Create/Change Borrowers  no yes yes
Delete Borrowers  no no yes
View Lenders  yes yes yes
Create/Change Lenders  no yes yes
Delete Lenders  no no yes
View Loan Based Reports  yes yes yes
View Portfolio Based Reports  no no yes
Print Templates  yes yes yes

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