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Portfolio Menu

Portfolio Menu

Available from the Main Menu, the Portfolio menu provides access to portfolio-based settings, network users and publishing, template management, and Metro2 reporting. This menu is only available when working directly on a file portfolio. It is disabled if the computer is connecting to a portfolio across the network.

Make Available on Network - When System Tray Icon checked, the portfolio is available via the computer's IP address and chosen port number. The IP and port number are found by hovering the mouse over the MLP icon in the system tray on the taskbar as shown to the left.

Configure Portfolio Users - This command opens the Manage Users dialog, allowing you to create user accounts with a user's name, login ID, password, and permission level.

Manage Users

Manage Users

Edit Users

Portfolio Settings opens the Portfolio Settings dialog to administer portfolio-wide settings like currency symbol, currency and rate precision (how many decimal points to display), network and Metro2 settings, and names of custom fields associated with different record types.

Portfolio Settings

Create Metro2 Report allows you to choose a lender and generate a Metro2-compliant file containing all records associated with that lender.

Create Metro2 Report

Manage Templates opens the Manage Templates dialog for creating, editing, designing, and deleting templates in the current portfolio.

Manage Templates

Network Usage displays an always-on-top window showing all users currently logged in, their IP address, and the last request type sent to the portfolio.

Network Usage

Unlock All Objects - If a loan is locked and a user is disconnected due to hardware or network failure, the record may be left unlocked indefinitely. Using Unlock All Objects resets all records to the unlocked state. This will not interrupt edits by current users but may create the potential for simultaneous modification of the same records. "Frozen" records are released without requiring network users to log back on to the portfolio by closing and re-opening the portfolio.

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