Moneylender Professional - Loan Servicing Software

Demo Mode

Moneylender Professional runs as a demo until activated. To activate the program, click Activate from the File Menu. If you are not sure if the program is active, click About Moneylender from the Help Menu. The version number ends with "demo" if the program is not activated. ("" is a demo version; "" is an activated version.) During activation you have the opportunity to purchase licenses with your credit card.

There are two handicaps in the demo which are removed when the program is activated:

All text in your portfolio is limited to three characters. You can enter as many characters as you like up to the full size of the text field and all of the text is saved. However, only the first three characters are displayed. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you edit a record, it prepopulates the form's fields with only the first three characters. Saving that record without filling the form out all the way replaces the full value in the file with the truncated values in the form.

Only the first three payments are available on each loan. You can enter more payments, but only the first three appear in any dialog or can be used for any computations or reports.

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