Moneylender Professional - Loan Servicing Software

Quickstart - Using Moneylender for the First Time

Create a New Portfolio
All information you enter into Moneylender Professional is saved in a portfolio file. This file contains everything from details of your loans, lenders, and borrowers, to specifics of default and custom-made statements and vouchers you send to your customers.

Almost everything in Moneylender's main window is grayed out until you have an open portfolio.

If this is your first time using Moneylender, click File > New Portfolio to open the New Portfolio File dialog. Moneylender defaults to the Moneylender Portfolios folder in your My Documents folder. It is recommended that you save your data there, unless you prefer another folder.

When choosing a name for your file, you might want to use the name of your lending company or another name that represents which loans and other records will be stored in this portfolio. You can have as many lenders in a single portfolio as you like.

When you click Save, the Portfolio Settings dialog appears so you can customize how your data is handled. After you have configured the portfolio to your liking, click OK.

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