Proof of Claim form

How to use Moneylender when a borrower files bankruptcy.
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Proof of Claim form

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Bankruptcy courts use a standard proof of claim form, and the attached template file is a version of the payment distribution report that will very closely match that Proof of Claim format. If anyone has tried submitting this report directly, please let us know if the court accepted it or not.

I talked with at least one customer that was planning to transcribe the numbers from the report onto the proof of claim form by hand. Others might have submitted the report directly but I never heard if that actually happened nor what the outcome was.

To use this report: save the attached template file to your computer > in Moneylender click Reports > Customize > Import (arrow towards disk) button > Change Source > choose the downloaded template file > check the box for the report > Import Checked. That'll add the report to your portfolio and the reports menu.
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