Moneylender API - Statements

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Use this URL to have Moneylender generate and send email statements. You'll need to supply the ID for the statement template the send, as well as the ID for the loan. Moneylender will generate the specified statement using the details of the specified loan and attempt to send that statement to the borrower's email address.

Supply the template id and loan id in the query string. Moneylender will reply with the success or failure of sending the chosen template in the context of the specified loan.

Example Query String:

The response will contain a success Boolean and a message with details if success if false.

"success": false,
"message": "Failure message from SMTP server: This server requires authentication to send messages. Error Code 5.7.9"

Failure to send mail usually indicates a problem with the SMTP settings found in Moneylender under File > Moneylender Settings > Email tab on the host computer, or a configuration issue with the mail service provide. Refer to the Moneylender User's Guide for details about setting up SMTP settings and normal configurations for popular email services.

Example of a successful response:

"success": true,
"message": "Message sent successfully."