Calculate an Amortized or Interest Only Payment

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Supply a token with API Execute permissions in the query string, and the basic details of the loan in the request body to get the calculated amortized and interest-only payment amounts.

Example Request:

"Principal": 45000,
"Rate": 9.56,
"Payments": 60,
"Schedule": "Monthly",
"Modifier": "Default"

Principal is the amount of the loan.

Rate is the interest rate.

Payments is the number of payments on the loan.

Schedule has these choices: Once, Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, Bimonthly, Semiannually, Biweekly, Biennially, Semimonthly, Unknown

Modifier has these choices (can be omitted and "Default" will be used): Default, Days365, Days366, Days36525, Days360, Days336

The response will include the interest-only and amortized payment amounts.

Example Response:

"AmortizedPayment": 946.4,
"InterestOnlyPayment": 358.5