Recalculate a Loan Balance

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Supply a token with API Edit permissions and id for an existing loan in the query string to perform a full reclaculation on a loan. Editing or creating records that affect a loan's balance will usually trigger a partial recalculation automatically. This partial recalculation is less resource intensive than a full recalculation because it only calculates the loan starting with the date affected by the edits. A full recalculation, as performed by this routine, will regenerate the entire transaction history on the loan.

Moneylender has several mechanisms to efficiently refresh the balances on loans whether a portfolio is left open continuously or it is closed and opened frequently. It should rarely be necessary to fully recalculate a loan balance. Most often, it is needed when upgrades to Moneylender need to adjust outdated balance calculations from previous versions.

Example Request:


The response will be a single "success" boolean indicating whether the loan was recomputed or not. If success is false, it probably means the id supplied in the query string didn't match an existing loan.

Example Response:

"success": true