Where are the AutoPay payments? I don't see them on the Payments tab.

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Where are the AutoPay payments? I don't see them on the Payments tab.

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I opened Moneylender and the payments I got through AutoPay aren’t there. Why not?

In most cases, this is because the AutoPay synchronization happens two minutes after the portfolio opens. Upon opening the main window loads, so Moneylender waits before doing anything to give that a little time to complete. One minute after opening, Moneylender runs the first AutoBackup, if enabled. Then two minutes after opening, Moneylender contacts the AutoPay server to download any new payments. Moneylender will connect to AutoPay every ten minutes after that to download any payment updates.

If you open Moneylender very briefly, and then close it again, the AutoPay synchronization may not have a chance to run. Try leaving it open for a five minutes and check to see if the payments have arrived.

Of course, you’ll need to be connected to the internet for Moneylender to be able to talk to the AutoPay server.

If you see recent AutoPay payments, but not older ones, click Portfolio > AutoPay > and then just close the window that pops up. Just clicking AutoPay on the menu resets the synchronization date in the portfolio so Moneylender will re-download every payment ever received through AutoPay. Payments that are already present are not modified, but any absent payments will be re-added for you. Normally, there’s a 30 day overlap period, where payments are downloaded with every sync for 30 days. If you delete an AutoPay payment that’s more than 30 days old, it won’t be re-added to the portfolio. Portfolio > AutoPay will cause older deleted payments to be re-added to loans the next time the portfolio synchronizes with the AutoPay server.
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