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Oldest Due Date on Payment Reports missing dates / same date more than once

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2020 11:57 pm
by wtech_josh
The value for this column is the closest thing to a due date to which a payment is applied.

If you see a date more than once in this column, it means the first payment with this date wasn't enough to advance the loan to the next due date. Subsequent payments with this due date were required to finish paying what was due for that date and then move the loan on to the next due date.

If you see the date skip, a payment was large enough, and was either on a loan that was past due or the loan has "Overpayments Carry Forward" turned on, so the single payment was sufficient to pay all of what was due for the date listed, as well as what was due on one or more subsequent due dates. Compare the payment amount to the regular payment and you should see the amount is greater than one payment.