Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Template

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Truth-in-Lending Disclosure Template

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For anyone looking to include a TILA truth-in-lending disclosure alongside a loan contract, download the attached mlp3template file and add it to your portfolio from Servicing > Manage Templates > Import (arrow towards disk) > Change Source > locate the downloaded file > check the box for the disclosure template > Import Checked.

You can edit any template from Manage Templates, and at the end of the wizard you can attach addition templates or reports. That's an easy way to stick this disclosure onto the end of a loan contract without further modification.

Moneylender has tags that will do all the APR math that exactly matches the results from the APRWIN software. You must use the exact correct dates for origination as well as the exact payment schedule listed on the disclosure template if you want to see APRWIN give an exact match to the APR reported by Moneylender - being imprecise with the dates in APRWIN will not give you a matching APR calculation!
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