Simple Annual Report for Loans

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Simple Annual Report for Loans

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For lenders that might need to send an annual report to stay in compliance with local laws, I've attached a template to this post that will serve as a good starting point.

If you skip steps on these instructions, you may have trouble adding this template to your portfolio. This template uses some very new capabilities to integrate reports with statements, and these systems only exist on versions of Moneylender 3.0.181 and newer.

1. Click File > Update to Latest Version to get the very latest version of Moneylender 3. If you use Moneylender on a network, all connected computers will need to update their local copies of Moneylender at the same time.

2. Download the template file "Annual Account Summary.mlp3template" attached to this post to your Downloads folder.

3. Open your portfolio in Moneylender.

4. Click Servicing > Manage Templates > Import (arrow towards disk) button > Change Source > browse to the Annual Account Summary in your Downloads folder > Open.

5. Check the box next to the "Annual Loan Summary Statement" and click Import Checked. Close the windows so you're back to Moneylender's main window.

6. Select one or more loans and click Servicing > Annual Loan Summary Statement. You can email and print these statements from here.

You can edit the template to add or remove any information you want from Servicing > Manage Templates > select the "Annual Loan Summary" report header template > click the Design button (paper and pencil).

If you want to remove the escrow account info on page two from the statement click Servicing > Manage Templates > select the "Annual Loan Summary Statement" template > Edit (pencil) button > Next three times. Select the Escrow report from the list and click the X button to remove it > Finish.

Feel free to reply to this post if you have questions. I check the forum every day even though I make posts far less often.
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