Funds committed report

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Funds committed report

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I'm attempting to find, or create, a report that will show me what funds have been requested by potential borrowers. I've entered those fund requests as applications with minimal details. My thought is to initially assign to a bogus lender I simply named unassigned. Then hopefully be able to run a report that shows all the requests, do some analysis to determine which lender account has those funds available then assign that lender to the loan/application.

The Financial Activity report seemed to be providing just what I needed. However, when running the report set for itemized by lender, the Principal Disbursed column shows only zeroes.

Also, it would be nice if the report could report how much funds are available on a line of credit loan. I.e., a line of credit has been established for $75k but only $35 has been disbursed. I need to know to keep that $40k available.

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Re: Funds committed report

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There's a Loan:AvailableCredit column you can use for the amount of funds committed but not currently used for a loan. Since this is a Loan value and not a SummaryOfFinancesRecord value, it will always reflect the current state of the loan and ignore the report's date ranges.

Principal Disbursed showing zeros is likely because the Financial Activity report has a default date range of last 12 months (ending on today's date). If you scheduled a potential deal for the future, the principal won't have happened before the report's ending date. You could switch the date preset to All Time (either when running the report - click Refresh after changing the preset; or by editing the Report definition and making the preselected date preset be all-time) and you should get good principal numbers.
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