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Cool Features to Set Up Right Away

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:40 pm
by wtech_josh
People ask what tips can you give me to get started? Here's a list of some of the cool capabilities you'll probably want to turn on in Moneylender right away:
  • Automatic Backups - File > Moneylender Settings > Backup tab - specify a cloud-synchronized folder like dropbox or onedrive for the backups and you'll always have a recent, off-site backup.
  • Attach a copy of any statement you print or email to the loan - Portfolio > Portfolio Settings > General tab > Attach a copy...
  • Set up the defaults for your most common settings when creating a new loan - Portfolio > Portfolio Settings > Defaults tab - each loan wizard has its own defaults - On this one, you probably want to make a loan or two first so you know what settings you're picking consistently, and then codify those settings as the defaults. It can make creating new loans quick and painless.
  • Set up a Fee Schedule - Portfolio > Portfolio Settings > Fees tab - Even if you just have a standard NSF fee, or maybe just a couple types of fees you ever charge, save yourself time when you're going to add them to the loan by making them portfolio defaults.
  • BCC yourself on any emails that Moneylender sends to your borrowers - Portfolio > Portfolio Settings > General tab > When emailing statements, BCC...