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Their payments are all over the place and I just want it to show that they're current.

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 1:30 pm
by wtech_josh
Our borrower has been mostly acceptable with a few stumbles, but overall we're happy with their repayment, how do we tell Moneylender that we want them to be current? I don't want to waive any interest or fees or anything, but I want the loan to look like they're current.

Without affecting the actual balance on a loan, in Moneylender we add a negative adjustment to the AmountDue account opposite the amount past due. This tells Moneylender that the past due amount isn't due anymore, but has no effect on any fees or interest that have already been charged. You can write "loan reinstatement" or "loan considered current" in the description field of the adjustment so you'll know where that number comes from on the Ledger Transactions report. Moneylender will see the adjusted due balance and say "Ok, looks like they're current until the next due date when they should be sending in more money."