Moneylender 3 Professional - Loan Servicing Software

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Getting Started in Moneylender 3

What is a "portfolio file" and do I need more than one?

Moneylender stores your data in "portfolio files". Most Moneylender users will have one portfolio file to house their loans. Some users will have more than one portfolio file for their loans. If there are loans in different currencies, having a portfolio for each currency will allow accurate reporting and accounting. If there are multiple lenders being serviced and a high degree of separation must be maintained amongst the lenders, it may be a good solution to keep each lender's loans in a separate portfolio. Most servicers with multiple lenders still keep the loans in one portfolio and produce customized reports for each lender.

To get going in Moneylender, you'll need to create a "Portfolio File" (File > New Portfolio on the Main Menu) where all your loans will be stored. If you used Moneylender 2, you can import your data into your new portfolio with a few simple steps.

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